Investment Mantra

Medagg Ventures LLP has a strategic shareholding in Zum Heilen Diagnostics, Zum Heilen Medivaz, Healthbasix, Healthsalah and
We look for partners who share our drive for excellence and expansion. That is why we see companies backed by Medagg consistently leading from the front across different expanses of the multi-billion dollar heathcare industry.

Our Portfolio

We seek out startup ventures with the coherence and expertise to develop a project capable of solving issues in the healthcare space and reaping long-term financial returns

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Zum Heilen Diagnostics

Integrating molecular diagnostics with therapeutics to offer a unique platform that helps patients and doctors visualise a hand-in-hand approach

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Zum Heilen Medivaz

Providing efficient and reliable remote medical screening and care service for patients through smart medical technology and prediction

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Streamlining children’s health by helping parents consult doctors virtually using a unified health record, efficient health programs and round-the-clock access to emergency health services

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Simplifying the provision of informed, neutral expert opinions for diagnosis and treatment plan of a patient's condition as well as second opinion based on their case history and reports

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A one-stop store that provides multiple varieties of greens and organic food products sourced directly from local farmers

We believe in building bridges

We benefit and utilize the experience of our team of business professionals to proactively manage our portfolio

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